Firm Overview

Providing a Full Range of Services to Clients

Practical, Honest, and Ethical Dealings

A core value at Skedsvold & White, LLC, is our promise and practice of candor with clients at all times. In any legal matter, we pledge to honor our firm’s commitment to honesty. Whatever transpires with a case, our clients know about it as soon as we do. We do not try to gloss over or obscure essential facts. When challenges present themselves, we work together with clients to minimize their exposure to loss and maximize opportunities for favorable outcomes.

The Unvarnished Truth on a Timely Basis

At Skedsvold & White, LLC, we insist on ethical dealings with legal opponents. We believe that an attorney who will lie for you will also lie to you. We take ethics and candor with the court just as seriously as we do with you. Our aim is to provide you with the unvarnished truth on a timely basis so that any corrective action can be taken to preserve available defenses, maximize opportunities and posture your case for the best possible resolution.

Proactive Is the Approach

A key feature of our litigation strategies is our commitment to be proactive on behalf of our clients. Preparation is an essential element. We prefer to be over-prepared while anticipating potential hazards along the way — and our clients soon realize the advantages of this proactive approach.

Offering Collaborative, Thoughtful and Timely Legal Representation

Skedsvold & White, LLC, is committed to providing exceptional legal services in a timely, candid and deliberate manner. When we represent you, we pledge to work on your time frame rather than ours. Your concerns, needs and your deadlines must be our primary concern. If a matter is of concern or is time sensitive to you, then it must be to us.

With you as our guide, we plan our work and work our plan. Any action that we take on your behalf, any item that affects your case should be the result of deliberate action, not reaction.

Fervent Advocacy in Partnership With Our Esteemed Clients

At Skedsvold & White, LLC, we consider our clients to be friends and partners, even as we work diligently to represent their interests in legal matters, including:

Communication and Transparency

Our advocacy is most effective when we and our clients work as fellow team members in pursuit of their goals. We aim to build relationships of trust and collaboration. At the same time, we dedicate our efforts to help ensure the most favorable outcome attainable in any given legal dispute or transaction. Clear communication and collaboration with our clients are essential to effective legal representation of their interests. 

We at Skedsvold & White, LLC, strive to act in partnership with our clients. We believe that the most successful partnerships are those formed among like-minded individuals and their organizations. We choose our clients carefully and grow our client relationships as we would our good friends and lifelong relationships. Our client communications are always professional, candid and timely.

At Skedsvold & White, LLC, we go to extraordinary lengths to understand each individual client’s needs and litigation philosophy. We build these relationships by developing efficient, effective and creative legal solutions for each client, minimizing each client’s potential legal exposure, resolving issues and handling matters proactively, efficiently and productively. Our hallmark is the quality of legal work and our earned reputation as zealous, honest and fair-minded advocates for our clients’ interests.

Efficient and Technically Savvy

Skedsvold & White, LLC, goes the extra mile to stay on the cutting edge.  In addition to receiving an AV rating* from Martindale-Hubbell, Skedsvold & White, LLC, is one of only a handful of Georgia law firms that are members of the Council for Litigation Management. In addition, we have instituted various procedures, including the implementation of state-of-the-art computer systems and software to maximize our efficiency and to provide maximum value to our clients.

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*CV, BV, and AV are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards, and policies. 

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