Insurance Coverage

Specializing in First- and Third-Party Insurance Coverage

In addition to its insurance defense practice, Skedsvold & White, LLC, is actively engaged in representing insurers and corporate clients with respect to insurance coverage and extra-contractual claims. We are coverage counsel for many of our insurance company clients with respect to all lines of coverage, including commercial lines, personal lines, first-party insurance and third-party insurance coverage lines. 

As part of our coverage practice, we at Skedsvold & White, LLC, address a variety of issues, including stacking of coverage and priority of payment in uninsured motorist claims, reservation of rights, preservation of policy defenses apportionment of claims involving multiple first-party property coverage, set-offs, co-insurance, application of an insurer’s duties to pay claims and provide a defense and the effect of policy conditions and exclusions. 

In addition to providing coverage opinions to our clients, we also consult with our clients regarding the language contained within their policies, apprise our clients of developments in statutory and case law and keep them up to date on insurance regulation changes. We have also handled many declaratory judgment actions and have successfully defended clients against bad faith claims. As part of our ongoing relationship with our clients, we counsel our clients regarding how to avoid the possibility of bad faith claims being made against them through clear drafting of insurance agreements/policies. We are also often contacted by clients for advice concerning handling decisions as it applies to potential coverage so as to avoid potential bad faith claims.

Skedsvold & White, LLC welcomes inquiries from insurers, corporations, private individuals, entrepreneurs, established business owners and others in areas of expertise including:

 To schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable insurance coverage attorneys, contact us at our Atlanta, Georgia, law offices at 770-392-8610.


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