Trucking, Common Carrier and Contract Carrier Defense

Trucking Liability

Skedsvold & White, LLC has extensive expertise and considerable success in defending individuals, insurers, businesses and governmental entities in a variety of commercial trucking claims.  We work aggressively with insurers and their insureds against claims based on negligence in the operation of the vehicle, negligent hire, entrustment and retention, wrongful death and violations of federal and/or state trucking and safety regulations.  Our firm has defended operators of tractor-trailers, buses, dump trucks, and many other types of commercial vehicles. 

We are especially aware that many trucking cases can be won or lost during the initial investigation of the claim including inspection of the vehicles in question and the incident site itself.  Collection of documentary evidence such as maintenance records, driver’s logs, driver’s files and inspecion logs are often critical to defending trucking cases.  We know to retain the services of accident reconstructionists, mechanical engineers and other experts to assist us in the early stages of an investigation in an effort to identify potential issues and to properly address same.  We also seek to interview witnesses early in the case to assist in determining the cause of the collision and its contributing factors. 

Our investigation, evaluation and preparation have led to many a successful defense to trucking claims brought against our clients.  Contact us at 770-392-8610 for a consultation with one of our seasoned trial attorneys regarding your case.


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